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Manchester Punk Festival Photo Zine


Image of Manchester Punk Festival Photo Zine


Shout Louder and Cold Front Photography have joined forces to create this high-quality photo zine commemorating Manchester Punk Festival 2019.

We've tried to capture everything that makes MPF so special: the culture, the community and the crippling hangovers.

This glossy 36-page photo zine showcases Josh Sumner's (Cold Front Photography) best shots from the festival, including Incisions, Adrenalized, After The Fall, Wolfrik, Corrupt Moral Altar, Coproach, The Infested and Munice Girls. Excelling in dark, intimate photography, he's captured the intensity of the festival perfectly.

This unique zine is much more than photos: Sarah Williams (Shout Louder) has written a characteristically amusing and honest insight into the highs and lows of Manchester Punk Festival 2019.

We wanted to commemorate this festival that unites the world of punk rock with this photo book. MPF is onto something special: let’s celebrate that.

Note: This is currently a pre-order. Photobooks will be shipped in 2-3 weeks.